Lach Tray Stadium

Lach Tray yard was built in 1957 from a tennis-horse (an earthen pitch sidelines of the club Lach Tray Street Race). A year later, in the afternoon January 1, 1958, the international football match took place on the field first Lach Tray is the match between Hai Phong team football with the Bat First Team 2 (China) (Haiphong wins 2 -0). That same year, the police turn Korea (North Korea) (2-2), team Phnom Penh (Cambodia).

1959, the stands were replaced from wood to cement and sheltered from the sidelines A.

In 1963, there took place the matches of football table Army socialist countries include Poland, Czechoslovakia, North Korea and Vietnam 2 (essentially replaced Haiphong team team Mongolia).

In 1972, when the United States put bombers up North in general and Hai Phong in particular, of 2 rooms A and B stands Haiphong hospital was used as a first-aid station.

In 1987, the field was renovated with the construction of the stands, mounting four 30 m high light systems for the football game in the evening. Lach Tray courtyard was renamed Center Stadium.

After extensive renovation, the golf Lach Tray also repair several times in 1995 (completed in 2001; fix the sidelines, A and B; building stands C and D; correct pitch and running track and field; budget: 34.950 billion) and 2003 (to be used for ball games were women of Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 2003); fitting the electronic board; budget: 14.830 billion).

Supplications football and athletics, many other sports tournaments as well as major cultural events are held in this stadium.

Supplications football clubs Hai Phong, the other team’s Haiphong (dissolved, merged or renamed) has also been set as a home as Electricity Hai Phong, Cam River, Hai Phong Port, cement Hai Phong, Hai Phong Construction and Military zone 3.

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