Linh Dam Condo

Even now in the country has thousands of urban areas (urban area), the Linh Dam new is still a special mark. More than 10 years ago, this area was a pond, lake flooded low-lying, sparsely populated. Just over 10 years ago, on 06/15/1997, HUD officially started construction of a new KDT Linh Dam, launch new models first municipality in the country. This project has great significance in terms of economic, social and cultural, as a breakthrough and make the urban development and housing, changing the appearance of the area south of the capital gateway


Scale 184.09 hectares, the center of the city about 7 km, whether as a modern but Linh Dam urban area retains the advantages of the location beautiful natural landscape with many historical buildings have been ratings and wide lake planned 74 ha. The whole project area Linh Dam Lake is planned to build the model of modern urban characteristics combined with the reflection characteristics and the cultural identity of ethnic Vietnamese, the urban landscape in harmony with the surrounding landscape the whole region. The total green area of 31.5 ha area was over, indicators greenery per capita is very high and attractive landscape. The public utility, social infrastructure, public services synchronized, with nearly 4,000 new homes built, including more than 3,150 high-rise apartment serves tens of thousands of people to the old capital city.

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