Metro Supermarket – Hai Phong

This center was built complete with a half-month period with only 4 of 25 contractors canned, including 22 contractors VN.

With nearly 20,000 food items and non-food items are sold at wholesale prices, the company Metro Cash & Carry International (MCCVN) targeted customer groups are essentially hotels, restaurants, offices, factories and distributors agents Metro. 90% of the products sold in these goods are produced in VN


Officially available in the market VN since 2002, plans to invest MCCVN 8 centers across the country with a total investment of up to $ 120 million. MCCVN has different characteristics compared to other vendors in VN because this is the only wholesale supplier operating under modern commercial form – immediate payment and self carriage.

After 3 years of operation, MCCVN has expanded its presence with 5 centers in HCMC (2), Hanoi (1), Can Tho (1) and Hai Phong. This year, MCCVN center will open another 2 ears Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and in 2006 will add a center in Danang.

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