Mong Duong Thermal Power Plant 1

Fuel plants using coal, thermal power technology traditional condensing, access critical steam parameters, coal fired boiler technology fluidized bed (CFB) modern, consistent with the type of low-quality coal Antracite Vietnam’s major coal mines in Quang Ninh. Demand for coal for the Mong Duong thermal power plant 1 about 3 million tons of coal / year. Under the plan, unit 1 will be completed and put into commercial operation in quarter 1/2015, Unit 2 will be put into operation in quarter 3/2015.

The total contract value of construction corporation Bach signed with EPC contractor – Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. (Korea) is 320 billion, including items such as: Storage limestone, Boilers the number 1, 2; Turbines and turbine housing nail machine 1, 2; the oil pump, factory chimneys, the transformer area, warehouse, manufacturing and repair equipment …

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