Road Construction Project Phuoc Hoa – Hoa Khuong, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city

Bid Pack 3.5 – Road construction Phuoc Hoa – Hoa Khuong sustainable development projects Danang People’s Committee of Da Nang city to be investor.

Hoa Phuoc road works – Hoa Khuong starting point (Km 0 + 000) road linking the southern interchange, the national highway 1A – Hoa Quy (1A for the Km939 + 563) The Christmas Village, Phuoc Hoa commune; endpoint (Km7 + 768.11) Go Ha village, Hoa Khuong Commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city, cutting QL14B (Km28 + 494.32 for the QL14) connected to the western ring road planned. Total length L = 7768,11m. The bridge does not include Christmas (Km0 + 740 – + 080 Km1) and needs Song Yen (Km5 + 340 – + 760 Km5). Were built from May 9/2015, scheduled works are completed and put into use after 20 months of construction.