Tam Ky Mall

Get results, according to Vice Chairman Tran Nam Tam Ky City Hung is thanks in recent years, the city is always interested in the work of promoting economic restructuring. Investment accompany industrial development – sustainable handicrafts, Tam Ky has set out a number of policies, incentives for commercial activities – services. In 2007, the city has begun the implementation of the planning of eco-tourism village of Tam Ngoc, with an area of 200ha; the construction of road infrastructure in the traditional village of Tan Thach sedge mat weaving (Tam Thang), a bridge in the village of Tam Phu etc.


With outstanding incentives and open investment environment, 2007, Tam Ky has attracted big investors. Typically the cluster service hotels Hien Trang Co. Ltd. has completed (Phase I) put into operation in late 2007, with a total investment of about 15 billion. And have built 3 new hotels were put into operation, with a total investment of over 25 billion … deer out, at the Industrial Complex – services – Anshan population has attracted a tourism investment projects eco, with a total investment of about 20 billion. Currently in the province there are 183 units in Tam Ky and more than 4,900 households active in the field of trade – service. Tam Ky has 12 hotels in operation with modern equipment, complete with amenities such as My My, Le Dung, Vinh Khanh, Hoang Ngoc, Hung Vuong … with a total of over 500 rooms. Thanks to the network grows, so the production value commercial sector – city services increased significantly every year. End of 2007, total production value reached 1,102 billion, up 28.6% over 2006 and 57.9% proportion in GDP.

However, the issue of commercial development – in Tam Ky services remains limited. Business planning has not kept pace with development needs, funds allocated for the construction of commercial infrastructure – services, especially tourism is still too little; commodities, tourism product is monotonous. Number of hotel standards yet more; Food Service at the restaurant is not high quality, traditional cuisine has not been promoted. On the other hand, work to attract investment, promote products that have not been adequate attention …

To stimulate commercial activity – service thrive in the years to come, according to Tran Nam Hung, Tam States will continue to complete network planning commercial development – service. On that basis, will step up the promotion, investment attraction; for an appropriate land for the construction of restaurants, luxury hotels; urge investors to continue promotion projects have been licensed; create favorable conditions for these services: finance, credit, insurance, healthcare, transportation … be implemented synchronously. Yet, the city’s budget today is limited, so to solve the problem of the construction of infrastructure, especially infrastructure for industrial development – commercial-services should be People’s Committee of Tam Ky allows provinces to have a separate mechanism.

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