Uong Bi Thermal Power Plant – Quang Ninh

The factory was started construction on 23/5/2008, scheduled to be constructed in 36 months and handed over to 6/2011. However, Mr La Claims, field director of the general contractor said after 2 years of starting construction, so far the project has completed approximately 90% of the work schedule, in which the main items section conveyor system installation has completed, installation of the boiler at 87% progress, turbine generators installed at 80%. The pipeline installation work, electrical … are in control. In early November will proceed conveyor system connecting the coal and electricity generation year-end test. If all goes well will be handed over to investors in May 3/2011, 4 months ahead of schedule than planned.


Uong Bi Thermal Power Plant Phase 2 expansion is invested by EVN (Uong Bi thermal power company is represented) with a total investment of over 220 million, the plant has a design capacity 1x 330MW. The plant equipment such as boilers, turbines, generators, control systems automated equipment … because the Group Chengda, China (the general contractor) fabrication and installation.

According to Mr. Phung Van Sinh, deputy director of Uong Bi Thermal Power Company, through close coordination between investors, consultants and contractors to accelerate the project is very favorable. Supplications effort Chengda contractors, the investors and the management is very strict supervision, in particular, are very concerned EVN share should disburse construction progress very smoothly.

Also according to Born, the plant will use coal Vang Danh Coal Mine 5 of the fuel to be favorable. Currently, investors have required contractors to design the sampling coal boiler accordingly, to ensure the operation later.

If speeding up to 4 months as expected, expanded Uong Bi Thermal Power Stage 2 not only complement national grid 1.980 billion kWh / year, but also an important contribution to overcoming the power shortage in the dry season of 2011, contributing to the socio-economic development of Quang Ninh province and northern areas.

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