Bach Dang 5 Construction Joint Stock Company constantly innovate, improve efficiency of production and business

General perspective of State Treasury of Hai Phong City constructed byBach Dang 5 Construction Company

Glorious journey

Hai Phong Pre-cast Concrete Plant at the time of establishment had only160 workers including party members, leaders are soldiers and youth volunteerschanging their jobs. After 9 months of technology transformation from Chineseexperts, the staffs of the Plant quickly mastered the device. The pre-castconcrete products for utility service is included in the assembly of thehousing, public buildings of the city meeting the requirements of the peaceperiod .For the first five years of planning of socialist construction in thenorth, the plant involved in construction of many large projects such asgrinding mills, Ha Long Canned Food – Hai Phong , Batteries, Glass,  Enamel Iron Aluminum, Plastics Pioneers, BachDang Shipyard in Hai Phong and Vietnam-Czech-Friendship Hospital in Hai Phongcontributed actively to the construction and development of the city. Duringthe struggle against war destructed by American the North, thousands of casttubes were manufactured for air defense forces and the people against U.S. aircraftbombardment. Self-defense units of the Plant coordinated with the air defensesoldiers and the people of the city to keep safety of Xi Mang Bridge, andmaintaining arterial roads of the North.

In the war to protect the northern border, millions of concretestructures were manufactured as fighting tunnel for the army in the North East.Also during the period 1978-1985, the plant involved construction of manyindustries, civil, culture with high quality requirement such as Hoang ThachCement Plant, Pha Lai No.1 and No.2 Thermal Power Plant, Rehabilitation Centre,Vietnam-Czech Friendship Culture Palace, and luxury hotelsin Do Son.

Manufacturing innovation, product diversity

Entered a renewal period of the country as well as several otherEnterprises were facing difficulties in the market, many projects suspended,cutting investment, soaring inflation, great influence on employment, and theemployee’s lives. With high determination, leaders of the Unit actively removedobstacles, looked for work, new product research consistent with marketrequirements. Therefore, many products such as square poles for the developmentof rural power network; types of concrete slabs, bar, beams for assembly ofhouseholds appeared. Additionally, traditional items such as centrifugal poles,pipes of all kinds remain to provide customers in Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, ThaiBinh, Hai Duong. The Company continues to expand the industry, bid winning andparticipating in various construction projects such as: renovation andexpansion of Hai Phong Cement Factory, Hoang Thach and Chinfon Cement  and other civil works such as: Ben BinhGuesthouse , Hai Phong Commercial Bank, general Library of Hai Duong province,Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development in Mong Cai City,Condominium D – Dong Quoc Binh, Hai Phong Treasury, hostels for students in HaiDuong, Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development in Soc Son, Ha Noi…

As one of the efficiency units of production and business , the unit waschosen as the paradigm shift from state-owned Enterprises into Joint-StockCompany under the 3rd Central Resolution – Plenum 6 for enterpriserestructuring and rename in to Bach Dang 5 Joint – Stock Company. Next, underthe care of the City, the Company moved to the Dinh Vu Industrial Zone and itwas invested to become a modern concrete Plant. It created a new position forthe company.

The company promoted intensive investment, reorganized management,improved the quality of the staffs, and technical workers. Therefore, if thetotal output value of the company reached 15 billion VND in 1996, by 2004 theoutput value reached 53 billion VND. Specifically, from 2005 to 2010, thecompany has had outstanding growth. Output value was 69 billion VND (2005) andit increased up to 205 million VND (2010), profit of 2005 was from 1.9 millionVND up to 3.1 million VND in 2010. Average income of the staffs was nearly 3.4million / person / month.

Some of noble awards in 50 years of construction and development:

+ One second-class Labor Medal.

+ 05 third-class Labor Medals awarded to collective and individual

+ 05 Merits awarded to individual by the Prime Minister+ Prime Minister,Ministry of Construction, Viet Nam Construction Union, Vietnam GeneralConfederation of Labor, Hai Phong People’s Committee awarded to the Companyseveral Merits, ld Medals, and 03 Degrees of Creative Labor

Identifying industrial production has always been a traditional industry.the company continues to implement management solutions to save costs, areasonable allocation of labor, promote equipment capacity with the flexibilityto meet customer requirements for industrial production accounted for 40% ofthe total production of the Unit of this year and the coming years. Especially,with the second production line of the project: “Production ofPre-stressed Concrete” put into operation this year, the Company willraise the ratio of industrial production to more than 40% of industrial outputvalue of the company and 50% in the coming years. Along with the manufacturingindustry, the Company continues to invest in facilities and equipment to meetthe requirements in construction of key infrastructure projects, striving foroutput value of construction reach 165 billion VND this year.

(Quoc Khanh – Hai Phong Newspaper)