Bach Dang 8 Investment & Construction Joint Stock Company

– Name in short: Bach Dang 8
– Add.: P303, Building D5-C, Nguyen Phong Sac Road (Extension), Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi City, Vietnam.
– Tel.: 042 690 599
– Fax: 042 690 595
– E-mail:

Main activities

– Exploit and process mineral resources (excluding which are forbidden by Vietnam State);
– Manufacture and make business on construction material;
– Leasing warehouse, stockyard, workshop, machinery, means of transportation;
– Mechanical process, equipment/ machinery repair;
– Make business on agricultural, forestry products, fuel and normal chemical products;
– Construction of industrial, civil building, irrigation, transportation, power line and power station projects;
– Construction of hydropower plant, post-informatics, airport, jetty, dam, dyke, water supply, waste water treatment and sanitation protects;
– Manufacture and erection steel structure; A/C and internal/external decorative works,
– Make business and invest on real estate;
– Develop housing, urban area, industrial zone;
– Soil survey and investigation;
– Investment consultant, making PFS, FS for construction projects, reconsideration of projects (not including design work);
– Export machinery products, materials;

Bach Dang 8 is now focusing on,
– applying modern company management; concentrating employees’ efforts on “All for the satisfaction of the customers and the stable development of the company!”
– training and re-training its engineers, workmen, staffs to meet the ISOs system in company ‘s activities.

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