Bach Dang Construction Corporation: Accelerating schedule on key projects.

 …Simultaneously,  od implementation on construction management, review the construction schedule as required by Employer for the project which is being implemented: need appropriate measures to ensure adequate man power, materials , funding for construction on schedule, quality and safety; focus on key projects of the Corporation and member Companies such as Vung Ang Thermal Power, apartment Building CT4 – Thach Ban, road in Lach Tray – Ho Dong, Quang Ninh Thermal Power, housing project and offices for rent in Linh Dam – Hanoi …target in the fourth quarter, production values reached 1420 billion, of which the value of construction 1144 billion; revenue of 950 billion VND; budget delivery of 35 billion. .

In the first 9 months, Bach Dang Construction Corporation has maintained stability plan, Production and business value is 2912 billion, reaching 68% of the plan year, up 9% over the same period; revenue: 2025 billion , reaching 69% of the plan year, up 10% over the same period; capital recovery rate: 2159 billion , reaching 85 % of the plan year, up 20% over the same period; budget payment: 75 billion , reaching 69% of the plan year, up 12% over the same period in 2010.

Located in Hai Phong, the construction work and “beauty” for Port City is also very concerned by Corporation. Bid package A1 for construction of wastewater sewer line 1, 4, 5 and the path to the Vinh Niem wastewater treatment Plant, the  project of rainwater, wastewater and solid waste management in Hai Phong, Phase I. Construction scale of two interceptor sewers /pressure wastewater collection and transfer wastewater to Cho Hang station and a  pressure sewer transferred from Cho Hang station to Vinh Niem wastewater treatment Plant, including the gravity drain DN800: 740m, DN1000: 313.5 m, HDPE pressure sewer DN1000: 2.635m, DN630: 542m; pressure pipe-cast iron pipe DN1200mm: 2.147m.The value of bid package is  nearly 400 billion, construction time is 36 months.

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