Bach Dang Construction Corporation honourably participating the construction of Dung Quat Refinery

 Packages B1/B3include 17 work items: one Center Control Complex, 10 Substations, 3 Process Interface Buildings,2 Marshalling Rack Rooms and one Laboratory in Process Unit of Dung QuatRefinery. The execution and hand-over of these buildings met the requirement ofschedule.

CV5 is in theProduct Storage Area. Scope of work for CV5 is Earthworks, Underground PipingWorks, Storage Tanks Foundation Works, Construction of Pipe Sleepers, Roadworks & Drainage, Tank Farm Surface Finishing & Bund walls, PipelineRoute 10.2 km long from Process Area to Product Storage Area & 2.4km longfrom Product Storage Area to Jetty. Total price of CV5 Package is USD 13.945millions. All of the work items of this Package were completed and handed overto Technip Consortium in December 18th 2008.

In order to carryout the above said Packages, Bach Dang Construction Corporation promptly set up2 Project Management Boards working in the Process Unit and Product StorageArea. During the critical period from March to July, 2007, total of 1.500 – 1.600personnel were mobilized to the Site. Moreover, the works continuously carriedout with enthusiastic and diligent working spirit of personnel as well asmanagement boards despite the hard weather condition in Dung Quat. Thanks tothe direction and kind attention of Managers in head office, salary was paidregularly and working condition was improved. Personnel displayed a odtradition of Bach Dang Construction Corporation by doing well their task duringthe construction of this Project.

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