Bach Dang Construction Corporation made an outstanding performance of military duties and local defense in 2015

Mr. Le Khac Nam –  Member of Municipal Standing Committee, Permanent Vice Chairman  of Hai Phong People’s Committee making speech

In 2015, the world’s and domestic economy showed many positive changes together with various difficulties and challenges. The fact of world’s economy and politics as well as in area developed complicatedly. Armed conflicts, terrorist activities escalated in many countries. The situation in South China Sea went unstable and unpredictable. Hostility forces and political-opposite groups continuously confronted in the city. Political security and social security indicated lot of confusing implicit; especially the work related to ground clearance and land acquisition. The weather and epidemic diseases were with many hidden risks. These happenings somehow affected much on the City’s carrying out economic-society and national defense-security duties.

BDCC is a big firm situated in Hai Phong city. BDCC’s duties always come along well with business production missions and local defense, military activities. Though the responsibilities are huge, BDCC with great determination of Leaders’ Board and the whole staff achieved many successes. BDCC’s business results reached the target in 2015. Besides, politics and social security duties were strongly focused. BDCC Military Head seriously deployed the military, local defense duties as directed by People’s Committee, City military commanders, Local military authority and BDCC Party committee. Plans were satisfactorily implemented on schedule. The procedure firmly ensured the safety, the quality and work efficiency. Activities showing gratitude to families of distribution to Revolution, helping the poor and heartily participating in new rural programs were done very well, contributing greatly to complete social security work together with the city vernment.

Mr. Le Khac Nam – Member of Municipal Standing Committee, Permanent Vice Chairman  of Hai Phong People’s Committee presenting the Merit to prominent groups and individuals.

Acknowledging BDCC Military Head’s effective contribution, Chairman of Hai Phong People’s Committee signed the Decision No2611/QĐ-CT, presenting the Merit to BDCC Military Head and Mr. Le Trung Kien – City commissioners, General Director, Chief of BDCC Military Head personally for their excellent achievement to triumphantly emulative movement in 2015.