Bach Dang Construction Corporation organized “Mid-Autumn Festival” for employee’s children of the Corporation’s Head Office and Dependent Companies

Attending the Mid-Autumn Festival and joining with the children were Mr Pham Tien Hung – General Director; Mr To Van Hue – Chairman of Trade Union of the Corporation; Mr Khuc Van Tinh – Chairman of Trade Union of the Corporation’s head office.

Mr Khuc Van Tinh – Chairman of Trade Union of the Corporation’s head office made a speech at the Mid-Autumn festival

With many songs and dances, especially the playful lion dance, the Mid-Autumn Festival this year as well as every year always attracted a large number of young children’s attendance. This is a rewarding activity demonstrating the beauty of traditional cultures that was annually organized by the trade union of the Corporation’s head office, and the children are eager to join. This was a chance for the children to play and participate in the meaningful fairy tales, and funny, intellectual games. It provided the spiritual nourishment and promoting children’s creativity to become od and obedient.

Some of the outstanding images at the festival:

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