Bach Dang Construction Corporation participates in performing the EPC Contract of Vung Ang 1 Thermo-electric factory

This Factory owned by the Petrovietnam, including two machine groups of 1,200MW cap. productive power of 7.2 bil. Kwh per year with invested capital 1.7bil. USD (in which the EPC Contract value is 1.17 bil. USD). This is thethermo-electric factory that the machine groups has the largest capacity up tonow in Vietnam.The first one will be finished and generated electric in the third quarter ofthe year 2012; the second one will be  finished and generated electric atthe beginning of the year 2013.

Bach Dang Construction Corporation takes some main work items of the Contract,including design, equipment supply, installtion, construction, testcommissioning, technology transfer. The scope of work are coal feeding system,oil feeding system, Store of fuel, materials, electric distribution station andother work items… with the estimated value of  32 mil. USD.

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