BDCC celebrated the New Year’s Eve Party of 2015, welcoming New Spring of 2016

Chairman Dao Viet Dung making speech of greetings for Tet to the whole BDCC personnel

In the warm and exciting atmosphere of the reunion at the end of the year, Mr. Dao Viet Dung – BDCC Chairman was excited to inform the heartened results of BDCC’s business production in 2015. He, by then, recognized, dignified and expressed his thanks to non-stop efforts in business production of every member in leaders’ board and staff of BDCC. He also informed the od, optimistic signs which promised a new year of more success and the future of better development for BDCC. On behalf of BDCC leaders, he claimed his greetings for Tet to the whole BDCC personnel and their families. He wished them a od new year with a lot of od health, success and happiness.

The spectacle of the ceremony
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