BDCC held a conference of summarising the work of 2015 and deploying the duty of 2016

Attending the Conference includes leaders of Hai Phong Municipal Committee, Hai Phong People’s Council, Hai Phong People’s Committee, Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Municipal Committees, Departments belong to Ministry of Construction, Departments in Hai Phong, and other BDCC’s partners and clients.

Mr. Le Quang Hung – Member of Party’s Committee – Deputy Minister of Ministry of  Construction making steering speech at the Conference

Mr. Le Khac Nam – Member of Hai Phong Municipal Standing Committee – Permanent Vice Chairman of HaiPhong People’s Committee making steering speech at the Conference

Attending the Conference was members of BDCC’s Board of Managers, Board of General Directors, Board of Controllers, BDCC Party’s Committees, BDCC Party’s members, Union’s Presidents, Youth Union Secretary, leaders of other departments in BDCC together with all BDCC staffs, reporters of central and local news agencies and television stations who came and broadcasted.

Senior leaders at the Conference

In 2015, Party’s Congresses of all levels leading to Party’s Congress XII were held. As guided from Ministry of Construction and Hai Phong’s year theme of “Recover the economy, renew the growth model”, BDCC at the second year in joint-stock-operation, inherited, promoted its own experience with suitable changes in the model of organization, management, operation mode, and thus continued to achieve positive results in business production, completing the annual target of 2015

Mr. Le Trung Kien – member of Hai Phong Municipal Committee, BDCC Party Committee Secretary,BDCC General Director making speechị

With the target: “Accelerate the Corporation’s restructuring, mobilize and use effectively all forces, increase competitive competence, develop stably”, BDCC Standing Committee took the initiative in building action programs, proposing monthly/quarterly/half-year resolutions, conducting leadership reviews, directing in 2015’s duty performance with active spirit of overcoming difficulties to complete all political duties. As the result, BDCC’s business production really met the requirement of a joint-stock business with od results. Flexible and fast adaptation to market mechanism showed BDCC’s stable and strong development. Results of 2015 business targets were exceeded as scheduled, increasing 14% in compare to 2014, contributing to completing the 5-year plan of 2011-2015. Finance was consolidated, stabilized, and effective. Business effectiveness was guaranteed, creating the feeling secure and long-term commitment to BDCC for all staffs. They confirmed a correct and suitable business strategy after the privatization, paving the way for the development of the Corporation in the period to 2016 – 2020.

Mr. To Van Hue – BDCC Union’s President speaking at the Conference

Union worked effectively, taking care of protecting laborers’ rights as well as ensuring their spirit and material life, well performing military and local defense tasks, well taking part in city’s social security work, carrying out well all responsibilities to vernment and society.

With these achievements, BDCC was judged as one of ministry-belonging businesses who exceeded 5-year plan of 2011 – 2015 and remained the stable growth.

Speaking at the Conference, mr. Le Quang Hung – Deputy Minister of Ministry of  Construction and Mr. Le Khac Nam – Member of Hai Phong Municipal Standing Committee – Permanent Vice Chairman of HaiPhong People’s Committee recognized, appreciated the achievements BDCC gained. They hoped BDCC to promote the spirit of creativity, consolidation, contributing more to the career of building the city and the country.

Mr. Dao Viet dung – BDCC Chairman making speech of gratitude

On behalf of BDCC leaders, Mr. Dao Viet Dung – BDCC Chairman received the ideas of the Deputy Minister of Ministry of  Construction and the  Permanent Vice Chairman of Hai Phong People’s Committee, showing gratitude to the attention of Member Steering Committee, People’s Committee of Hai Phong city, leaders of the Ministry of Construction, the help of the departments, institutes of the Ministry of Construction, the departments of Haiphong, partners and clients who conditioned BDCC to gain the success. He hoped that BDCC would continue getting more help and timely direction from Ministry of Construction and City to have more chance for better development, contributing more to the economic development of the City and the Country.

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