BDCC’s leaders investigated the execution progress at the site of Bid Package C

General Director with the task force checking the execution progress at the site of Bid Package C

Bid package C: Construction of Gia Minh solid waste treatment complex (Project of Hai Phong drainage – sewage disposal and solid waste management, Period 1), Employer is Hai Phong People’s Committee with Project Management Board of Haiphong environment – hygiene condition improvement as its representative. The Project uses the ODA from Japanese and counterpart fund from City’s People’s Committee. The joint venture of Bach Dang Construction Corporation and Viet Uc Corporation acts as the Contractor. The contract values more than VND 796,000,000,000, in which BDCC occupies 55% and Viet Uc Corporation takes 45%. Construction time lasts 32 months.

Mr. Le Trung Kien – Commissioner, BDCC Party Secretary, General Director chairing the meeting in the office at Project site

After checking around the site, General Director chaired a meeting to check the work progress with Project Executive Board and Execution teams. Up to 14/3/2016, for almost 05 months, execution teams have done with nearly 20% of work, meeting the requirements of progress, quality, and labor hygiene safety.

To summarize the meeting, General Director dignified the efforts of Project Executive Board and Execution teams for their active efforts in overcoming all difficulties to response to Employer’s requests. On emphasizing the importance of the project to the city’s environment – hygiene condition improvement, he directed Project Executive Board and Construction Management Department to set up a 30-month progress for the Project (02 months shorter than contractual schedule). To complete the shortened schedule, he asked Project Executive Board to promote their creativeness, activeness at work to execute the project and keep close contact with Employer and Consultant Supervisor to quickly solve all problems in design changes, document process, and payment documents. He asked execution teams to enhance manpower and equipment to speed up the execution progress, keeping abreast of each progress milestone to ensure the shortening of the schedule. Besides, they needed to focus on quality, labor hygiene safety, and environment safety. General Director also directed BDCC’s functional departments to support, condition them with document, technical and financial work to ensure the execution as planned.

 Director with the task force at site
Installing PVD


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