Conference of Coordinating Program among member Corporations on Material Production and Use for Housing Development Program

Mr Nguyen Hiep – PartySecretary, Chairman of the Holdings made speeches for opening the Conference

 Mr Nguyen Tran Nam- Deputy Minister of Construction Ministry made speeches at the Conference

Attending at theConference, invited guests consist of: Mr Nguyen Tran Nam– Deputy Minister of Construction Ministry; representative of vernmentalOffice; leaders of some Departments, services, institutions of ConstructionMinistry; reporters from some Newspapers. Presence for Viet Nam Housing andUrban Development: Mr Nguyen Hiep – Party Secretary – Chairman of the Holdings,Mr Nguyen Thanh Minh – Vice Chairman of the Holdings; Mr Nguyen Dang Nam – GeneralDirector of the Holdings; members of Member Council, Party, Management Board ofthe Holdings; Chairman of Member Council, general Directors of memberCompanies; vice Heads of Departments, Project Management Board of the Holdings;leaders of member Companies of the Holdings, and other Corporations.

Making speechesfor opening the Conference, Mr Nguyen Hiep – Party Secretary – Chairman of theHoldings stated that in order to put more effects into the operation model ofState economic Group with tight coordination among member Companies to gainoriented targets. The Holdings organized to study for establishment andissuance of development coordination Program of the Holdings to use effectivelyof the manpower source of member Companies for development orientation of theHoldings. The Program was carried out based on bilateral and multiplecooperation principles among member Companies of the Holdings; equality, equalprofit to ensure general profit of the Holdings. The target of the developmentcoordination Program mainly discovers the strength of member Companies forimplementing Strategy Orientation and Housing Development program of theHoldings; priority over using State loan for Housing Development Program,national important projects and the program for serving Houses such as: constructionmaterials, construction technology, environment, improvement of competitiveability, showing the roll of parent Company and member Companies of theHoldings and it takes advantages for specialized assignment according to thestrength of member Companies of the Holdings.

According to theChairman of the Holdings, in fact, the relationship and coordination amongmember Companies of the Holding on using construction materials used to be madebefore, and now it is more tightly coordinated through production plan and thestrength of each Company. The development coordination for Housing developmentprogram in some main areas: development investment projects for Urban, Houses,Industrial Zones, Energy, clean water business and environment; production andusing materials produced by member Companies of the Holdings; constructionprojects owned by member Companies of the Holdings; researches, development,new technology application, training and manpower development.

All thecoordinated areas were developed to serve Housing development programs of theHoldings in the periods of 2011 – 2015 for the completion targets of 12 millionm2 of housing floor, variety of housing types to meet the social demand, inwhich, Houses with average price accounts for large number, and social housesaccounts for 10%.

The Chairman ofthe Holdings highlighted that this Conference aimed to develop an importantarea of development coordination program of the Holdings. That was constructionmaterial production for Housing development program of the Holdings. Viglacerais the traditional Corporation of construction material production andespecially it is the leading Corporation of Viet Nam in glass and ceramicmaterials, and each Company has its own materials. Apart from glass and ceramicmaterials, tiles, sanitary equipment, gas concrete block and especially thesynchronous sanitary fittings to server social houses produced by Viglacera;Song Thao cement materials, spun concrete culverts of parent Company – Holdings;tiles, bricks, ready mixed concrete, pre-stressed concrete member produced byHa Noi Construction Corporation; materials, equipment, spare parts for waterdrainage projects, clean and waste water treatment served by Viwaseen; andconcrete members, steel structures, burned clay fabricated by Bach DangConstruction Corporation of which they all meet the requirements of quality forconstruction, Housing and urban development projects of the Holdings. Firstly,concentrating on some projects: Tay Nam Linh Dam new urban area, Thanh Lam newurban area – Dai Thinh II in Ha Noi; Chanh My ecological urban area in BinhDuong, Phu My new urban area in Quang Ngai,…and other housing and urbandevelopment projects of the Holdings.

The program doesnot only facilitate member Companies of the Holdings to sell products, expandmarkets but also help them use effective input initiatively, make plans duringbusiness and production process; effective access and use of the researchresults for investment opportunities and market information among memberCompanies. It plays a part to broadcast the trade mark of HUD as well as ofeach member Company. On the other hand, this program will create the initiationfor manufacturers to apply new technology for od quality in the market, pricediscount, environment friendship to serve Housing development program moreeffectively.

After makingspeeches for opening the Conference, the President of the Holdings, Mr NguyenMinh Tuan – vice general Director of Viglacera Corporation; Mr Pham Quoc Thai -vice general Director of Viglacera Corporation; Mr Nguyen Quang Mau – generalDirector of Viglacera joint stock Company – Ha Long; Mr Le Minh Hai – generalDirector of Song Thao cement joint stock Company made their presentations ofproduction technology, construction materials, cement, policies and manpowertraining program…

Made speeches atthe Conference, Mr Nguyen Tran Nam – deputy Minister of Construction Ministrystated that this Conference was meaningful, and it showed tight coordination togain the best results of the strength of the member Companies and implementimportant tasks for Housing and Urban development and regulating housing market.According to deputy Minister’s opinion, millions of square meters of housingneed to be built in the coming10 years to meet people’s demands. In order to dothat, vernment and Construction Ministry believed in od participation ofthe Housing and Urban development Holdings, and big contributions as a role tolead markets with average price products which serves majority of people.

Signingcooperative agreement between parent Corporation and member Companies

Signing Contractof Song Thao cement between parent Corporation and member Companie

The Ceremony ofsigning cooperative agreement and selling construction materials was also heldat the Conference.