Construction Joint Stock Company No.201

– Add.: 268C Tran Nguyen Han St., Le Chan Dist., Hai Phong City, Vietnam.
– Tel.: 031 3 856392
– Fax: 031 3 835580

According to Operating License No.546 BXD/CSXD dated 27/12/1997 signed nationwide by Minister of Construction, the Company is functional to execute project of civil engineering, industry, electrical, mechanical, non standard steel structures, transport, irrigation, infrastructure and urban, etc.

Thanks to our professional staff, engineers, technicians, skillful workers and modern equipments, we are capable of execution of any type of projects.

Over almost the past 30 years, our Company has built hundreds of projects of civil engineering, industry, transport, irrigation, infrastructure. Our project owners, designing and supervising consultants and clients highly appreciate our project quality, progress, technique, aestheticism and safety. Among those are Hoang Thach Cement plant, Chinfon Cement plant, But Son Cement plant, Hoang Mai Cement plant, Sao Mai Cement plant, Tam Diep Cement plant, Pha Lai Power plant, Cai Lan – Quang Ninh Noodles plant, Soc Trang Rice processing plant, Tri An Sugar plant, Alloy and Rolled steel Sheet plant, ANT Feeding factory, EBA Cable factory, SUMIDENSO factory, Dai An Industrial Zone – Hai Duong, Hai Phong People founded University, Hai Phong High Technical Training College, Hai Duong Industry – Commerical Bank, Package R2 – National Highway No.18 project, National Highway No.10 project (Hai Phong South – Thai Binh), Oil tank system V=5000m3 of Pha Lai 2 Power plant, Petrol tank system V=3000m3 of PETECH Company – Hoa Hiep – Da nang, Hai Phong Water Supply Upgrade and Rehabilitation Project – National Highway No.1A, Crude Water supply system – Long Binh water supply factory Dong Nai, Northern Broadcasting Station project, Concrete Supply for Thanh Tri project in Han Noi.

For achievement and contribution to the country build-up, our Company has honorably been rewarded Meals by the State:

– 01 First-class Meal of Labour;
– 01 Second-class Meal of Labour;
– 01 Third-class Meal of Labour.

And many lden medals for quality, banners and diplomas of merit of high quality construction in Vietnam.

With motto of “Prestige, Quality and Effectiveness”, Construction Company No.201 surly delights your satisfaction and looks forward to serving customer in Vietnam and worldwide.