Multipurpose buildings project in Tran Phu St., Ha Dong Dist., Ha Noi City

Currently, the citizen’s demand for apartments in Ha Dong district are increasing, and is expected to continue to increase in the coming years. Besides, people’s income increased significantly in the recent years, demands for shopping increased, ing shopping at the shopping centers, supermarkets have become routine for many people. Through the research, know the market, understand the needs of public housing and commercial centers is growing, Ha Tay Joint Stock Company has decided to invest a Multipurpose Buildings in Ha Dong – Ha Noi.

Perspective of the Multipurpose Buildings in Tran Phu – Ha Dong – Ha Noi

According to the Ministry of Construction, assessing the status of Ha Noi capital, shows that, in recent years, the process of economic reform, investment attraction, rapid growth, the formation of multiple centers of economic, industrial, office chemical, science, education and training has attracted a large number of workers, residents from other provinces in the country to the capital. Meanwhile, the technical infrastructure and society in Hanoi are overloaded and faced to many difficulties in meeting demand for housing, public works services.

The project is located in the region of Ha Dong District, the construction position located at the Ha Dong District, next to National Highway No.6. It is adjacent to Van Quan residential area that is a place to have many favorable conditions for the construction of commercial and service centers and apartments as:
+ The project has been included in the planning of urban development;
+  Buildings located near the city center, beautiful building location, convenient traffic and attract people’s needs
+ No performance of clearance work that create od conditions for the project operating timely with the fastest progress.
+ The process of rapid urbanization led to the planning office parks, industrial clusters, therefore the demand for housing for people with houses, land subject to clearance is huge.

Map of Project’s land position

Position of the project area is located in Tran Phu Street,  Ha Dong District, Ha Noi City. Limited by:
+ The Southeast neighborhoods bordering Van Quan residential area
+ The Western is adjacent to the lane to Van Quan residential area
+ The Southern neighborhoods bordering Van Quan residential area
+ The Western is adjacent to the national highway No.6.
+ Project position far 12km from Ha Noi Center, near national highway No.6.

General Plant of Buildings

General planning:
–     The following main criteria:
+    Total area of existing planed land: 1.490 m2;
+    Land for project construction: 1.128,1m2
+    Land for traffic, landscaping, gardens: 391,9m2
–    Total investment capital: 226,356,510,000 VND
(Say Vietnamese Dong: Two Hundred Twenty Six Billion, Three Hundred Fifty Six Million, Five Hundred Ten Thousand)
Contractor: Bach Dang Joint Company No.10

Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Project

The Multipurpose Buildings Project for Business Services and Housing in Tran Phu Street, Ha Dong District, Hanoi Capital as completed to bring significant benefits to Ha Noi Capital and the country, meeting urgency during the renovation and international integration, especially after Vietnam became a full member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The project meets planning, social economic development to 2010 of Ha Dong town that approved by Ha Tay Province People’s Committee to contribute to the development of infrastructure, creation of urban architecture New, Modern for Hanoi Capital in the period of industrialization and modernization of the country

With a trading system – and service apartments for perfect and continuous forms rent, will provide professional services to meet a commercial demand of the people and serve business needs of household enterprises, attract investors and other industries to operate in Hanoi.

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