Prime Minister appointed Council Members of 02 Construction Industry Groups

For Housing andUrban Development Holdings – Pursuant to Decision No.1502/QĐ-TTg, the PrimeMinister appointed Mr Nguyen Dang Nam – member of Management Board – GeneralDirector of Housing and Urban Development Holdings as Chairman of MemberCouncil; Mr Nguyen Thanh Minh – vice Chairman of Management Board as viceChairman of Member Council; Mr Nguyen Anh Tuan, Mr N Doan, Mr Nghiem VanBang, Mr Nguyen Huy Hoan – members of Management Board were appointed to bemembers of Council Member

For VietnamConstruction Industry Group (Song Da Group) – Pursuant to Decision No.1503/QĐ-TTg,the Prime Minister appointed Mr. Duong Khanh Toan – member of Management Board –General Director of Song Da Group as Chairman of Member Council; Mr. NguyenDinh Hai – member of the Management Board as Deputy Chairman of the CouncilMember; Mr Pham Cong Bong, Mr Vu Tien Giao, Mr Nguyen Doan Hanh, Mr NguyenThien Tuan and Mr Nguyen Quang Man – members of Management Board were appointedto be members of  Member Council.

The two abovedecisions have been in effect since the 1st of October 2011

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