Summary Conference of Production and Business Activities of early 6 months, Perform Tasks for final 6 months of 2010.

Mr Nguyen Huy Hoan – Party Secretary,Chairman of Management Board of the Corporation made speeches

Mr Nguyen Huy Hoan – Council Member ofHousing and Urban development Holdings – Party Secretary – Chairman ofManagement Board of the Corporation; Mr Nguyen Tien Thanh – Deputy PartySecretary – General Director of the Corporation; President and Vice Presidentof the Union, Chief of Party office, Youth Secretary, Managers and viceManagers of Departments of the Corporation; Secretary, Chairman of ManagementBoard, Director, Presidents of the Union and Chief Accountants who came frommember Companies were at the Conference.

Mr Nguyen Tien Thanh – General Director ofthe Corporation

The summary of production and businessactivities of early 6 months, perform tasks for final 6 months of 2010 wasdeclared through the Conference by Mr Nguyen Tien Thanh – General Director ofthe Corporation.

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