The Inauguration of 5000-seat Multi-purpose Stadium in Quang Ninh province

On 17/3, in Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province, the Inauguration of 5000-seat Multi-purpose Stadium under North West Sport Center was solemnly organized. The Ceremony was fully attended by leader representatives of Central Government, Quang Ninh province, local services and departments, leaders representatives of Contractors… with reporters of mass media and televisions.

Leader representatives of Central government and Quang Ninh province performing the rituals of the inauguration


5000-seat Multi-purpose Stadium under North West Sport Center in Quang Ninh province was totally invested up to 1,149 billion dong with its gross floor area of 34,000m² and 3 storeys meeting international standards. In which: the first floor is situated with competition area, auxiliary areas for athletics, referees, coaches, practice and study rooms, the second and third floor for the stage divided into ordinary area and VIP area, media room, narrative room, control room, conference room…

Described as “a turtle-shaped island within Ha Long Bay”, the work has been strikingly completed, featured by complicated and winding 3D structures which simulate sturdy curves of rocky islands. Which makes the work special is the alloyed roof system curling in three-dimension space, featuring a unique architecture in the first appearing in Vietnam.

Leaders of the Corporation at the Ceremony

Being the Contractor of construction, supply and installation of equipment, determining the importance of the work highly requested for techniques and schedule, BDCC focused their man force, equipment, applying new kinds of materials which are modern and originated from USA, Korea, Sweden… to complete the work before schedule, ensuring the quality and highly appreciated by Employer.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Khai – BDCC General Director (the second from the second), on behalf of the Corporation’s leaders, receiving the merit of Quang Ninh People’s Committee Chairman for  excellent achievements during construction course

That the work is inaugurated and brought into use shall promote the development of Sport industry, serving the training and competition at national and international level, as well as bring the chance for BDCC to confirm its trademark and reputation in construction.

Overview of the project