The Opening of the 3th Emulation Conference of Construction Sector in Ha Noi

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung made speechesat the Conference

Construction sector has made practicalcontributions to the general achievements of the country for the past 5 yearswith eventful atmosphere.

The system of institution, policy, strategy,and planning program was established and all the completed and synchronousconstruction development plans were more concentrated. The new Laws have beenissued recently by Parliament and vernment which was a contribution ofConstruction sector such as Housing Law, Business law, Property Business Law,Urban Planning Law. Those were great breakthroughs for policy mechanism tocreate synchronous Laws and development of the Construction sector.

The activities of State management have hadgreat innovation, especially for construction investment project management ofnew urban areas, housing areas, infrastructures of industrial Parks which showsthe innovation of administrative procedures…

Urban development management is gradually inorder, the urban system is quickly developed in both quantity and quality whichis a positive element ensuring the main role for socio – economic developmentsof all the locals and countries. Great deals of social housing developmentprograms have been commenced to resolve a big amount of housing demand and theliving standard has been improved.


Arrangement, innovation and effectiveimprovement of State enterprises under Construction Ministry has had greatachievements. In spite of being affected due to the economic crisis, theaverage growth speed of 2006 – 2010 has reached 20% per year.

Minister of Construction Ministry Nguyen HongQuan stated that typical Joint stock Companies have been established, whichdoes not only remain high growth, big benefits but also create harmonyrelationship between the State benefits, Enterprise benefit together with thoseof  laborers and community.

As made speeches at the Conference, PrimeMinister highlighted to propose development target of Viet Nam constructionsector until 2015 for catching up the advanced technologies in the Region,enhancing capability and competition of Enterprises, concentrating on improvingthe quality of construction material production and mechanical manufacture ofconstruction equipments, trying to implement big scale projects with hightechnology, and forming appropriate urban systems all over the country withsynchronous infrastructures…

Prime Minister handed over emulative flag tothe leaders of Construction sector

od performance on several crucial taskssuch as completion of policy and institutional system of construction was proposedby The Prime Minister. The innovation research of construction investmentmanagement together with administrative procedure innovation, od control ofurbanization management, and continuing completion of saving policy, avoidingwaste, drain, corruption in construction investment field are very necessary inthe year of 2011.

In order to ensure quality, constructioninvestment operation effectives, especially for urban development investment,planning works shall be foreseeable, Construction sector, especially theConstruction Ministry needs to pay attention to improve his attest and visionon construction planning, continuing to innovate its content, methods, andspeed up progress of making construction planning.

Simultaneously, construction management, anddevelopment control of urban areas as planned and approved need to be enhancedand it is also necessary to pay attention to the growth of urban infrastructuresystem to solve out the urgent matters and try to complete the general planningof Ha Noi Capital for approval.

Prime Minister handed over the third prize ofemulation movement in 2009 in economic sectors for implementing instruction 17/2006/CT-TTgof Prime Minister to Construction Ministry

Housing development was noted to be pushed upby Prime Minister, especially for social houses, together with tight managementof shakeout in the property market and those ensure transparency and open. Allactivities of speculation, rigging the market, property market fraud shall belegislatively punished.

All member Companies under Ministry ofConstruction needs to be arranged in to Enterprises or complex Enterpriseswhich have enough capability to carry out large and important projects of thecountry.

With achievements and experiences learnedfrom practical management and labor production, Prime Minister believed thatthe Construction sector will bring in to play all the sources, solidarity,intelligence, creation, and try to perform all the tasks successfully in theperiod of stable and fast growth of the country.

Emulation movement of construction sector hasbeen widely developed in all fields for the past 5 years (2006 – 2010): Statemanagement, business production, public services…Up to now, there have been 3.987initiatives, subjects to benefit over 300 billion VND, 54 individuals weregiven “Creative Labor” badges by General Confederation of Labor, Vietnam. Especially,06 collectives and 05 individuals were awarded with the title of Labor Hero ofthe innovation period

Especially, one collective in Constructionsector was awarded with ld Star medal; 04 collectives were granted Ho ChiMinh medals. As stated at the Conference, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dungdirected the tasks in the period of 2011 – 2015, and suggested that Ministry ofConstruction should improve its knowledge and vision of construction planning. Atthe same time, it should be tightly coordinated with related offices to solveout the urgent matters of society such as: Flood, traffic jam, garbagetreatment, and the underground space and social houses shall be effectivelyused. The progress of hostels for students’ shall be pushed up. From of those,its development orientation tasks can be determined and emulation movements,comments and reward in the period of 2011 – 2015 can be well organized andimplemented, and all political tasks shall be fulfilled under the PartyConference’s Resolution in the whole country.

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