Thoroughly Conference, Implementation of 11th Party Congress’ Resolution, 14th Party Congress’ Resolution of Hai Phong City.

All cadres and Party members of the party of the Corporation at theConference

Mr Nguyen Chi Hung – rapporteur transmitted directly all the basiccontent of the 11th Congress’ Documents of the Party as: Fundamental forbuilding the country during the transition period to socialism (supplement,development of 2011); Strategy for socio-economic development 2011 – 2020; thePolitical Report of the Central Executive Committee at the 11th national PartyCongress; Charter Party XI (amendments) and 14th Party Congress’ Resolution ofHai Phong City. The action plan was made through to implement the Resolution ofthe the Party Executive of the Corporation.

Mr Nguyen Chi Hung – Rapporteur of the City

Action Program of the Party Executive Committee of the Corporation hasbeen clearly defined on objectives, major orientations and measures to focus onbreakthroughs in production and business with the topic and guiding ideologywas: Improvement of leadership ability, strength of the Party; boostingproduction and business; enhancing investment and make Corporation becomeleading businesses in the construction field to meet the requirements ofindustrialization, modernization of the country. Also, oriented developmentstrategy of the Corporation from 2011 to 2015 shall be built. Key tasks wasdefined, and the main business for stable development of the  Corporation was erection, boosting  industrial production and constructionmaterials, promoting the development in the fields of consultancy, survey andexperiments, import and export business. Striving for annual growth of 13% ormore, the proportion of business sectors were: Construction accounts for 60% -65%; industrial production and construction materials account for 15% – 18%;design consultancy accounts for 3% – 5%; import – export business and otherbusinesses account for 13% – 18%. The main policy of the Corporation was takinginvestment as leverage for development. Especially focus on business of housingand  urban  development with the al from 2011 – 2015for business investment in housing development to reach 1.2 million m2 offloor, investment in production of construction materials for business andproduction of the Corporation. New investment, improvement of equipmentcapacity shall be done to meet the technical requirements for production andbusiness. The strong point of the Corporation in construction of industries,urban infrastructure, technical infrastructure and transport projects,construction of high-rise buildings shall be taken for maintaining and promotingthe brand of the Corporation.

Party building work should be seriously interested in three aspects:politics, ideology and organization. Step up the campaign “Study andfollow examples of Ho Chi Minh”; building grassroot organizations of theParty strong and clean and promote exemplary vanguard role of the Partymembers; Leadership manner should be renewed and effective implementation ofpersonnel, creating a clear shift in inspection quality for effective politicaltasks. Strengthening leadership and direction of the Party and heads of unitson the military and local defense should be made, meeting the requirements ofthe new situation that contribute to the successful implementation of 11thParty Congress’ Resolution, 14th Party Congress’ Resolution of the City, andbring the Party’s Resolution on the reality of life.

(Vu Duc Thien – Head of Party Office of the Corporation)

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