Complex Project Office building, commercial leasing services at 268 Tran Nguyen Han Street, Le Chan, Hai Phong

Construction site of the project: 268 Tran Nguyen Han Street, Le Chan, Hai Phong.
Southeast: Tran Nguyen Han.
Southwest: JSC Truong Hai Auto.
Northwest: 266 Lane and residential areas.
North-east: Lane 266, residential and land 266. Dien project research project: 4420 m2.

Land area rubbing up: 1788.0 m2. (Among them: the building area building complex: 1067.0 m2 construction area Garage (05 floors): 721.0 m2)

The total construction floor area of building the floats: 15425.6 m2.

Building Perspective

* The building complex consists of 16 floors and 01 basement with utility as follows:
– Basement (01 floors): parking and technical areas of the building.
– Floor 1: Hall welcome, Reception office, function rooms and service areas.
– Level 2-4: Downtown Service.
– Level 7-9: The office of the Corporation offices.
– The remaining floors: Office work the member units and rental services.

* Garage: Behind The building complex was built Garage scale 5 floors, has a capacity of 25 cars per floor. Garage adjacent areas arranged two parked motorcycles.

* In terms of architecture:
– Works building office complexes, commercial rental service is mixed civil engineering. Buildings located on Tran Nguyen Han street, Hai Phong city traffic passing vehicles and high population density. Therefore opinion shapes and architectural language used for building simple, light, modern, but also created close contours, nuances.

– With the approach of the project is southeast Tran Nguyen Han Street, and the direction bordering residential areas and other works building complex should be put back into the layout compared to the main road to create space 21m front yard to welcome visitors.

– The entire building is a combination of three square blocks gradually on the back, insisted the car park behind the house auto, front yard and trees around the campus.

– The building has a cubic shape, length located along the southwest – northeast up the facade of the building layout turned out this way; the auxiliary space or additional space is arranged northwest corner to reduce the heat radiation, the other side open space layout to make the most of natural light.

– The color of harmony arrangement works gently with colors mainly recorded, blue and white create a contemporary touch, light and environmentally friendly.

Progress: starting from October 2015, work is expected to be completed and put into use in May 01 2017.

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