Establishment Van Loc Investment Joint Stock Company

The total area of project is 21 ha, located at Huong Van commune, Huong Tra village, Thua Thien Hue province. The capacity of plant is 1200 ton clinker/day and the total investment amount is VND 700 billion.



1. Project name: Long Tho Cement Plant No. II
2. Employer: Van Loc Investment J.S Company
Address: Huong Van commune, Huong Tra village, Thua Thien Hue province
Tel.: 84-54. 568298       Fax: 84-31. 568298
3. Construction site: Huong Van commune, Huong Tra village, Thua Thien Hue province.
4. Construction area: 21 ha
5. Capacity: 1.200 ton clinker/day


1. Technology:

Application dry method to product cement with furnace system and heat exchange tower include one branch and 5 floors xiclon, calciner room and use only dust coal. The automatic control system and advanced measurement checking system should allow extension the range of material use and save energy, make high quality and stable product, ensure safety during production period as well as ensure the sanitary and protect environment.

2. Specialize characteristic of production line

The production line of Long Tho Cement Plant is synchronous and modern from processing raw material stage to production cement stage. Include:
– Receiving material and fuel are completely mechamize.
– Material as lime stone, clay and additive shall be smash to pieces with the suitable dimension and preliminary consolidate in warehouse to ensure the stable quality.
– Choosing the vertical rolling grinder to grind and dry aggregate to ensure the requirements on smoothly and moisture of aggregate.
– Choosing the load and unload continuously aggregate consolidate system to achieved high productivity in one synchronous silo.
– Choosing furnace with five heat exchange floors and calciner. Using antraxit coal dust to burning furnace.
– Using freezer three levels for cooling clinker, ensure the temperature of clinker when out or freezer is 650C and dimension not larger than 25mm.
– The entire operation of plant shall be control by automatic and concentrate control at centre control room.

– Clinker shall comply with the cement production standard applied for cement Poland PCB40.
– Cement shall comply with the in force standard of Vietnam.