Hai Phong Cement Factory

Hai Phong Cement with brand “Dragon” in traditional long been deep in the subconscious of each people of Vietnam. The company’s main product is a mixture of Portland cement PCB30, cement PCB40 and other special orders.


With over 100 years of existence and development, Hai Phong Cement Company is the leading wing of Vietnam’s cement industry, cement used to provide building works such as historic Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Museum Ho Chi Minh, Thang Long Bridge, Hoa Binh Hydropower …

According to Decision No. 1019 / TTg dated 11/29/1997 of the Prime Minister on the investment project in Hai Phong Cement Factory (new), on the ground Trang Kenh – besides historical Bach Dang River, wires Hai Phong cement pass new dry method (rotary kiln) by airline FLSmith (Denmark) manufacture, supply capacity of 1.4 million tons of cement / year has been completed and put into operation. This is a cement production line in Vietnam Modern technology now separate grinding clinker and additives, helps proactively entirely in the control of cement grade.

On the fork lands Cam River and Canal Ha Ly years old, urban area project in Hai Phong Cement – City landmark gateway is beginning its move to create a new image for the City of Port.

Currently, the staff of over 1,000 employees, working in the main areas: a cement plant in Minh Duc – Thuy Nguyen – Hai Phong, center in Hai Phong consumption, consumption Office Center sold in Ho Chi Minh City, the project management unit urban area in Hai Phong cement, Club Haiphong cement football. The company has created a safe working environment, attractive development opportunities for individual careers and to contribute actively to the development activities for the community.