National Convention Centre

Due to the need to have a conference center which is equal to the national position, NCC Construction has been started on 11.15.2004 and finished the day in the 22-month period.


Supplier is considered one of the three largest conference center in Southeast Asia today. As the first and only center of Vietnam is based on advanced technologies and the most modern today, NCC is considered a key project of the country, with beautiful architecture, harmonize, summer integrated engineering floors, and modern fit international standards, both bold nation, a symbol of the architecture of Vietnam in the new century.

NCC is now an independent business units have accounts, own seal under the Office of the Government, as a venue for conferences and congresses of the Party, the State, political organizations, social associations, conferences, international conferences, political events, economic, cultural, social, national significance and international. With the many advantages of the hall, meeting rooms, lobby, campus, transportation, security, staff …, NCC has always been the destination of the organizers of these events national and international.

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