Residential Projects Go Gai – Thuy Nguyen – Hai Phong


* Location of project:
– In the north residential and offices, nearly 351 routes
– South borders the residential area
– The East borders the residential area along Highway 10
– In the west: sports center (planned)
* The goal of the project:
– Construction of housing infrastructure system synchronization techniques such as ground leveling, roads, water supply, drainage, power supply, lighting …
– Ensuring living conditions, sanitation for people to buy houses, living on the land and for the whole region;
– To meet the technical elements, aesthetic works
* Scale works:
– Investments to build a comprehensive system of technical infrastructure include: leveling the entire land area of 127,519.7 m2; building local area transportation system; stormwater drainage, sewerage, water supply systems; electrical power supply system and public lighting;
– Investment in the construction of schools on 8994 m2 of land, construction of kindergartens in the area 1685.4 m2;
– Construction of 353 townhouse crude and 86 villas on an area of 57616.9 m2 with a total floor area of approximately 161,000 m2;
– Developing green parks system on land area 4435.9 m2.

Project layout combinations of green spaces in the middle of sport as a small park, creating a playground, walking space and parks serve in public areas and contribute to improving the environment both beautiful landscaping for the whole area. Arrangement of 01 primary schools and 01 kindergartens in combination planting trees around. Reasonable traffic organization creating transport systems for continuous and evenly distributed in response to new developments.

The project has completed the technical infrastructure

Perspective of the villa

Perspective Townhouses