The investment project to build student housing area in Hai Phong focus

Corporation building construction Bach Package 14: Construction of 15-storey buildings – the investment project on the construction of student housing projects focus (Phase I). Investor’s Management Board building & urban development – Hai Phong Department of Construction. The contract is worth 140 309 114 000 contracts, the construction schedule of 18 months. Start of October 20, 2009.


15-storey building with a total floor area of nearly 30,000 m2, consisting of 432 rooms and ancillary works to meet accommodation for 2,600 students. 40% of the land is the courtyard, internal roads, trees, lighting, supply, drainage …

From the first floor to the third floor of the building is arranged parking lots, management services, trade services, electronic libraries, cultural attractions, sports … The remaining floors are the students in a closed room with an area of 25.5 m2 per room; 37.8 m2 and 50.4 m2 in line with requirements and living conditions of students, including graduate students and students who urge countries.

Construction Joint Stock Company 203 direct construction – member units of the Corporation directly Bach Dang Construction building construction.